Paul's Page

Paul Harold Findlater

I was born in Rotherham, in what was then the West Riding of Yorkshire, in 1949. My father, Harold Alfred Findlater, was from Vancouver in Canada and my mother, Joyce Wilson, was a good Yorkshire lass.

In 1957 we moved to Vancouver but left to come back to Rotherham in 1959.

1970 was the year that I married Margaret Morris, another good Yorkshire lass. We have two children, Paul James Stuart (Stuart), who was born in 1978 and Katharine Margaret Joanne (Kate), who was born in 1980.

I am a free-lance Quantity Surveyor and my interests are in History, Archaeology and Family History, especially anything to do with the name Findlater.

My ancestry goes back to James Findlater & Helen Milne in King Edward in Aberdeenshire in 1750. My great-grandfather, William Findlater, emigrated from Banffshire to North America in the early 1880ís and co-founded the boiler-making business of Bannerman & Findlater in Ottawa, Ontario.

I also have links via my paternal grand-mother, Gertrude Mabel Warren, to the mining industry in Cornwall and via her mother to the Welsh in Cardiff.